New Fake News Site Launches Among College Students

"Dedicated to being the 'bravest metal there is' by world-class humor, satire, news, and commentary on the WCC community and broader political life and the world in general" a new alternative to the Onion or the Babylon Bee has launched: Irkutsk Ice Truckers News or (IIT).

A little mysterious as to their exact details, we were still able to gather here that they (IIT) were founded by around a dozen college students at tiny Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, WY. Around 200 articles have been published so far equivalent to several book's worth of material since their founding, apparently last January under the impetus of Everett Polinski, a nineteen year-old college student there at WCC.

Surprisingly for its being founded at a Catholic college well known where its strict adherence to "traditional Catholicism", Irkutsk Ice Truckers, even beyond its obvious satire, has taken views on many issues more beholding to "progressive, trendy, or left-wing values". While I aim to get an interview with the website's founders, perhaps for the moment this has something to do with the weird name for the whole thing, Irkutsk Ice Truckers news, something everyone is still trying to understand.

Stay tuned while I try to get more about them.

You can visit their website at